Thursday, 9 November 2017

Peace Love Tranquility

I been so down and under
Been so out of it to the extend of leaving it
I been questioning His existence 
Call me a tantrum thrower
Call me a fool
Yes am that and all
Who am I to ever doubt His existence

Him and His ways are not to be questioned
His ways are the best
He is never late
His time is always right
He is never shamed
He is the faithful One
He is humble
He humbles and tames the mighty

With nothing we we're born
With nothing we will leave this earth
So what feeds your pride
Who are you but clay in the hands of a potter
Who are we without the other


I repeat.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Keep The Faith

Keep the faith
It’s okay to be frustrated
It’s okay to be disappointed
It’s okay to go through stuff
It’s not okay to give up
Worry not of what never materialized.
Worry not for a relationship that never worked.
Worry not of the what ifs.
God is in control!
Never lose focus;
Curves are part of the road,
So are up hills and uncontrolled down hills!
Brave the weather,
Destination home is beckoning!
Let them laugh at you.
Never laugh at them.
Laugh with them!
Believe them not when they tell you it’s impossible.
They are short sighted.
Leave them behind, they’re another station.
Cherish every moment.
Some have only bad moments.
Destination home
Solace is only found in Him!

Monday, 14 August 2017

Graduate Vendors

Bales of an illicit cash crop where found offloaded somewhere in Mashonaland.

The driver is said to have escaped with an undisclosed amount of hard currency.

It all looked staged.

Sounds fabricated like the following whatsapp chat;

TINDO: All that grass gone to the state🙄
MUNYA: Pakaipa ras; we will need inside info as to where they're going to supply it.
TINDO: Supply my foot😝 no supplying is going to happen; that grass is for their own use I tell you ras; they will give it to the graduate vendors, the useless youth in the villages, their meceneries in uniform and their children too 😂😂😂
MUNYA:😂😂😂 Graduate Vendor.
TINDO: Don't forget 'Mahavamu' 😂😂😂😂
MUNYA: 😂😂😂😂😂; we are laughing but the price is going to rise.
TINDO: 😕😕😕; yah that too.

Yah the chat might have been fabricated but whats real is that the state has been left with a challenge of how its going to get rid of the herbs; they have two options though, to burn it on a pyre; risking the citizens getting high from the wind.

Or they can economically destroy the herbs, don't ask me how.

Either way the citizens are going to be high!

Nyika yemazeeretsi.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The dying woman.

"Don't scream, give me your phone and get out of the car." I did as instructed, I had a gun pointed to my head...
Forget the muggings, forget the stabbings, this time it was the real thing.
Yes, two guys successfully hijacked me last Thursday in Southfield, they left me standing in the rain; confused, angry, relieved, scared, unbelieving and feeling so stupid.
I blamed myself for not fighting back.
I pressed the bell at the next house and a white gentleman opened the door but stayed in the safety of his yard.
"Please call the police, I have been hijacked." I told him and then I started crying.
"We have called the police and they are on their way." Then I cried more.
"May you please call my wife..." They called her, she screamed, I cried.
The police recovered the vehicle almost a half an hour later after a high speed chase and exchange of gunfire; 
We arrived 5 minutes later at the crime scene, the car doors were open and a woman was lying on her side, the police had shot her and she died before she could be loaded into an ambulance.
I am recovering well with the help of my family, church members and friends. Team Kappa Stories you rock.
Special mention to Common Ground Church, Wynberg Congregation Eldership team for facilitating a professional trauma counsellor.
Lee Meyer and Nyarai Tinashe Gomiwa; you're kind persons. Claire Holtak; now I can sleep!

I penned a poem dedicated to the dead woman;

The dying woman.
It's the dying woman who died.
I saw her dying.
They watched her dying.
I watched her dying.
She watched herself dying.
And dying she never stopped.

Dying a slow painful death.
Dying we will always do.
But would you want to die in public?
Strangers watching you die?
Strangers loving every second of your dying?
Strangers uploading pictures of your dying body?

Everyone want me to believe she deserved to die,
'She brought it on herself.' They told me.
Everyone judged and condemned her.
They said society was better served with less of her kith and kin;
One less gangster Mama.
Her death was a morning entertainment.

She had stopped screaming,
Her bloodless eyes were open and unseeing.
She was lying on her side like a dying dog.
She shut and opened her mouth,
No sound came out,
Only her head was moving.

She was lying there on the rained tarmac.
Her life flowing away with the rain.
We watched,
And her unseeing eyes watched too.

She had been a mother.
A sibling who will never share a family moment again.
A friend who will never crack a joke again.
A lover who will never love again.
She was someone dying!
'She didn't make it.' Confirmed the policeman.
She was just a human  being!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Thinking my things

It's just me and my thoughts.
Myself and I thinking my things.
Things that make things happen.
Them things happening and still to happen.
The things I think have taken me a mile.
A mile to think things over.
My thoughts full of things.
Things that I can share.
The things that intoxicates way more than the legalized herb.
Thinking my things because I have things to think.
Things to think and do.
To do things and enjoy things.
To enjoy the things that I have.
I have the things to love.
To love the things that I have.
Thinking my things because they are worth.
They are worth my time and attention.
Attention to all the things I think.
I think these things need sharing.
Sharing the things we have is a blessing.
A blessing it is to think our things.
My things infused with reality.
Reality of things is not to be ignored.
Ignored things tend to be a pain.
Pain of things that were never thought.
Thinking my things to the extent of a physical touch.
Touch not my things with tainted hands.
Hands that have handled foreign things.
Foreign things needs a foreign understanding.
Understanding the things you think is a priority.
Me, Myself and I 'together' we love the things we think.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Souls
Cure themselves with laughter
Heal themselves with love
Unflawed caring flow from their being
Care not for the wrongs
For the righteous path is the only way
Beautiful souls
Like flowers they bloom in fresh health
Like birds they sail through the winds of happiness
Like birds they sail above clouds of hate and hurt
Minds fresh and free from prejudices
Inner eyes see no evil
Inner ears hear no evil
The lips speaking life and love
Beautiful souls
Know no boundary
Know no race
Know no hurt
Their roots are sunk in love
They trust without questioning
Their love has no conditions
Beautiful souls
Love makes the world go round
Peace prevails when you are peaceful
Laughter has always and will always be the best medicine
Togetherness is oneness
Jealous is the mother of all turmoil
Stinginess is for those crippled in the mind
Beautiful souls
Hurt will take their beauty away
Sorrow will erode their happiness
Anger will destroy their peace and tranquility
Hate will lead them to destruction
The world out there cares not for the purity of the soul!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Happily Never After.

Happily never after.

No one knows the aftermath,
No one cares for the aftermath,
Everyone is busy with the present moment.
Worry not of the morning after,
For today is here to stay.

Sell yourself to the highest bidder,
For the profits are yours to exploit.
Feel free to do the doing,
For the consequences are to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Minding your own business guarantees success,
For you are the only person who can do it better.
Minding your own business is the best thing you can ever do,
For your business is for you to mind!

Enjoy the sun while its dark,
For the light distorts the rays.
Keep it low my friend,
The skies belong to the Eagles.
Tell us not of the world beyond,
For your vision is suspect!

Worry not about karma,
For this world belongs to the ruthless and pretenders.
Crush them with your selfishness,
For no one cares to listen to their wailings!
Fear not of karma,
None of us is here for the long haul.

Keep your hands firmly on yesterday,
And see if today cares.
Don't talk of tomorrow,
Today is still happening.

Open your nostrils and get intoxicated by the caffeine,
For happily ever after is for day dreamers!

Peace Love Tranquility

I been so down and under Been so out of it to the extend of leaving it I been questioning His existence  Call me a tantrum thrower ...